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Bennington Q25 Swingback 25 QSB

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Bennington Q25 Swingback

25 QSB

  • Port bench midship
  • Approximate length overall of 27' 3"


Whether sourcing ultra-premium vinyl, employing stainless steel hardware, or scrutinizing the selection of the key components, only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship make the cut.


No matter your boating passion, no one else can offer the broad range of power and performance options of Bennington - each perfectly rigged and mated to your boat.

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Bennington Q25 Swingback 25 QSB Beautiful Soul

The elegance and character of the world’s most exceptional pontoon boats goes well beyond the surface. Our beauty can also be found in unprecedented build-quality and craftsmanship.

Bennington Q25 Swingback 25 QSB Wrap Yourself in the Experience

Few places provide a greater level of connectivity to the boating experience than the helm, and the Q Model accentuates this interaction with a Corvina leather-wrapped sport wheel.


Bennington Q25 Swingback 25 QSB Colorful Expression

Few things better define your boating personality than the finishing touches. The Q Model offers up a vast array of interior and exterior colors to compliment your style.


Bennington Q25 Swingback 25 QSB Style Meets Function

The distinct rounded bow fence not only delivers an elegant visual cue, it also creates a spacious storage solution for a hazard-free deck.

Bennington Q25 Swingback 25 QSB

Wrapped in a Beautiful Bow

The radius design of the Q Model helps to open the bow deck for a flowing, walk-through design that’s both more inviting and functional.

Bennington Q25 Swingback 25 QSB Find Your Goldilocks

No matter how you define the perfect day on the water, the vast selection of floor plans for the Q Model undoubtedly will deliver the ideal blend of style, function, comfort, and elegance.

furniture layouts

Bennington Q25 Swingback 25 QSB Quad Bench

One of our most popular floor plans, the Quad Bench configuration maximizes storage, seating capacity, and lounge space. Many floor plans feature a sleek Fastback stern with speakers that extend your entertainment space.


Bennington Q25 Swingback 25 QSB Swingback

An innovative floor plan that enables dual seating capabilities by allowing users to face forward or backward depending on the position of the furniture back.


Bennington Q25 Swingback 25 QSB Stern Lounge

Originally pioneered by Bennington, the Stern Lounge floor plan offers twin lounge seats for the ultimate in comfort while offering a vista view from the aft of the boat.